Testing environment and production

I am getting ready to publish our site soon.

I need to think through how to set up a testing environment.

What is the best practice for this on the WeWeb side?

I’ve thought about creating a variable called “is_test_enviornment”.

Then, inside all of our API endpoints for CRUD, set them if/then based on that variable.

I could then work on the site with the is_test_enviornment set to true, then change it to false, then publish.

Any thoughts/best practices here?

Thank you.

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To be honest, we don’t have best practices for now (we’re working on the staging environment right now, that’s a big issue for our users).

Most of our users copy the app and change the URLs to the staging ones in the copy, but I assume what you’re doing would work too :wink:

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Thanks Quentin. I like the approach of the copy more. That removed any ability to accidentally hit the publish button by accident as well.

Do they then just copy/paste changes into the production environment, then publish?

Ah yeah I forgot about the new pricing. Send me your workspace ID by DM and we’ll give you 2 live apps :wink: