Examples of WeWeb apps with beautiful design + UX + UI

No worries at all, @Joyce!

We do have some more customer facing projects but it hasn’t been our focus so far.

Could you elaborate on this a bit? Are you saying that WeWeb has been more focused on B2B applications (or internal tools?) vs public-facing B2C applications?

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Hi @caffeinatedwes :wave:

Not really. We work B2B and B2C. We also have B2B applications that are public-facing but behind an auth wall.

It’s more that B2B users have reached out to us more whereas B2C tend to like to be left alone in the app :slight_smile:

So I know more about the B2B use cases than the B2C ones.

It may also be that consumers try us out of curiosity and build cool, small projects to get started like this one that uses an AI API from Art of NoCodeDevs, this directory of Notion templates, or this Twitter clone from Nicola.

Whereas companies often come to us with a clear plan and a sense of urgency after hitting the limits of other solutions so they’re able to build super complex projects quite fast and we have more of those to showcase.

That’s my feeling at this point any way! The product can serve both consumers and businesses but we have a lot of work to do to raise awareness and explain better what problems we solve :grinning:


Thank you for elaborating, @Joyce. Makes a lot of sense!

BTW, I think you meant a different link for the Twitter clone! (Maybe this one? https://twitter.com/ntoledev/status/1535942868673634309)

Anyway, circling back to the topic about WeWeb apps with awesome design, have you seen Webflow developers jump in pretty easily to handle WeWeb’s designer/builder?

I ask as I’m seeing more use cases for WeWeb projects, but I’d want to hire a designer to design the front-end (they don’t have to configure the logic or tie in the back-end—I’m happy to do that). I’m curious if others might work this way.

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Yes, that’s the Twitter clone I meant!

Yes! We’ve noticed that Webflowers understand WeWeb super fast. There’s a huge project I’ve been dying to show you made by one of my favorite webflowers but the client is not ready to launch yet :sweat_smile:

Usually, webflowers also get the logic side of things pretty quickly because they already have the experience setting up automations with Zapier and adding dynamic filters with Jetboost for example.

They would like us do develop a couple of the features they have in Webflow (style by classes and no-code animations) but it doesn’t stop them from having fun building :slightly_smiling_face:

Advanced no-code animations are not on our radar at the moment but we’re looking into the possibility of styling by classes so maybe an improvement for the future!

Re how people work, we have people working with one person in WeWeb and one person in Xano to optimize each but I’m not aware of anyone working with one person focused on the design in WeWeb and another on the logic.

I’m sure it could work though! Maybe the way things work in terms of logic could impact the design at times (I’m thinking of how you might design a search bar for example) but nothing major I don’t think.

Does that help? If you’d like, we could put you in touch with a couple of Webflowers who have experience with Weweb to discuss your projects :slight_smile:


Yes, very helpful. Thank you as always, Joyce!


I’m still not really seeing many obvious examples of sites built on WeWeb… are we just too early? A couple of serious, legitimate businesses powered by WeWeb would do my confidence the world of good.

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@richardwhatever I strongly believe we’re early.

I had the same concerns when I posted this thread. As I didn’t get the responses I was looking for, I began building/testing with WeWeb while exploring alternatives. I’m familiar with the no-code space and eventually decided on betting on WeWeb for my business (no-code product development) and my client’s business.

My current client is a business that has 20+ employees, and I’m building them a completely custom internal tool and external platform, all on WeWeb and Xano. It’s a big project that about half their team and hundreds of their current external users will use weekly. I’m working on it with one other contractor (to focus on WeWeb) and I also hired a developer to develop a custom component for the project. While I’m not comfortable sharing it now, I plan to share it with the WeWeb community when live.

@kevinwasie has a pretty cool and advanced project in the works, though I can’t recall if it’s publicly accsssible?


Hi Wes,

I’m assuming from the response you’re happy and confident in your decision! :slight_smile:

That’s great, definitely the sort of data point that gives encouragement. My initial WeWeb project sounds very similar to yours in the sense that it too is an internal tool for a 20+ employee company, with constant daily use, and most likely a Xano backend

I thought WeWeb were helping themselves find product market fit by dog-fooding the app and using it to build websites for specific well respected clients. I’m curious as to why none of these are being showcased as proof of concepts.


Yep! For me, I feel like the last hurdle is implementing a proper staging–>production process, which seems a bit more manual now as there isn’t a native feature for this in WeWeb.

This is my understanding as well. Great question. I imagine @Slavo has some examples as I know he helps/helped with this?

how do you implement staging & production proses on weweb.io ?

You might be interested in this topic :


Hey @richardwhatever :wave:

@caffeinatedwes is correct, you are early :slight_smile:

We do have a number of legitimate businesses powered by WeWeb or using WeWeb to build UIs for internal tools. Unfortunately, at the moment, the projects with the most interesting features and logic are behind authentication and not open to the general public.

We are currently working on a showcase page so we can show you behind-the-scenes of these apps.

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I really think you should make that a priority. Without good examples it is hard to justify the inherent risk in a new platform.

Maybe consider building a library of demo apps… an ecommerce site, forum, directory, task manager, etc.

I want to use you… I just to find supporting evidence for the decision 😎


I second that the showcase feels like a high priority. Weweb has a great set of features and I’ve had fun building on it for the past handful of days, but haven’t seen examples of the most complex builds that could blow my customer base away.


Relevant to the thread—here’s a killer app the WeWeb team (@Damien) just built.


I’m updating this with a few public projects that have come out of the WeWeb community recently.

Offerin, an offer management portal for real estate listings, by @kevinwasie
ProofFTW, a platform to track work-related incidents, by @carri
Folio DC, a platform to highlight art shows in the Washington DC area, by @foliodc

Another one that’s worth mentioning that isn’t public— @chadsmith is building an internal tool for a Manufacturing facility to track production. It’s the first time I’ve seen a WeWeb + Xano project that’s connected to IoT devices—super cool.

Awesome work!


Thanks for the shoutout! I’m updating Folio daily, may have some rough edges at the moment.

Worthy addition: @chadsmith created an absolutely beautiful Typeform clone.


Thank you @caffeinatedwes!! Really kind!

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We have recently updated our Showcase page on the website with new apps that have been built with WeWeb.