Square vs Stripe payments advice

Hello, I’m a small business owner that has been learning weweb for two months now. I’m finally ready to bite the bullet and convert two apps over from bubble and bigcommerce to weweb+Xano. My last bit to work through is payments. Today we use bigcommerce for web orders, Square for in-store purchases, and Quickbooks for direct invoicing. In a perfect world, I would be able to just integrate square into my new weweb site checkout pages and so use them for web and store purchases. But I don’t see them listed as an app partner. I do see Stripe, but am a little reluctant to add another payments partner into the mix.

So, the question; is it difficult to integrate to Square? is there a demo available like with Stripe that a no-coder could follow? Or am I better off just trying to switch all to Stripe. The priorities governing my choice are simplicity to set up and self-maintain, not cost.

Appreciate any lessons learned or recommendations.

If you want Square can be integrated in weweb but it will require custom code.

Weweb has Stripe integration builtin in the nocode editor.

I have implemented Stripe for shops and marketplaces with multyparty payments and I can only recommend it.

You can find a guide about stripe in the weweb docs.

I also recommend to have a look at the official Stripe docs. Follow the tutorials, just switch the frontend code with the weweb nocode integration and the backend code with xano. There is a lot of good advice and best practices to follow.