How to integrate Stripe into Weweb?


I would like to know how to integrate Stripe into Weweb on the publisher side. Can you provide me with detailed instructions on how to do this integration? Also, I would like to know how to make requests on the Xano side to complete the integration with Stripe.

Thanks in advance for your help!

You can find the instructions here.

WeWeb side:

Xano side:

Basic payment can be processed with WeWeb plugin.
If you want to treat more complex feature, consider to use backend method like Xano.

I use Supabase, so additional infoamation for integrating WeWeb and Xano are welcome.

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Thank you very much!

How does this change if we want to use subscriptions and gated access instead of just one off payments?

It’s the same implementation frontend-wise, but the product you need to link to would be a subscription in Stripe. Gating content would have to be handled on your backend according to if the current user has an active subscription or not :wink: