Setup simple tab content

Hi there. i’m sure I’m missing something simple here. I’m just trying to build tab content on a page where the content below gets changed based on which tab is selected. Basically similar to this: How To Create Full Page Tabs

I’ve tried using div classes of tabcontent but am not seeing expected results.

Is there a best practice for creating single page tab content?


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Hi @clncsports,

Have you tried using the “Tabs” element in the “Add” menu?

Thanks, @Joyce. This gets me close to what I want but I’m struggling to format the tab links as I’d like. I want them to be top left of the content.

I have Tabs position set to Top and have tried messing with Left/Right position, but the tabs stay top center.

Probably, again, missing something simple. Thanks for the help!

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Hi @clncsports :wave:

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

There was a bug on our side which is fixed now :slight_smile:

Sorry you got stuck on this! Hopefully the tabs experience is smoother from hereon :slight_smile:

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