Re-ordering Tabs element

I have 5 headers and wanted to add a new one. I want the positioning of the new header to be 2nd in order. How do I do this?

How are headers structured/wrapped in? Can you share screenshot/recording of the elements?

Similar to the default tabs element. I want to re-arrange the steps and the corresponding content. The headers are re-arrangeable but not the content section.

I believe if you use the same variable that you are using to navigate the header to show & hide the contents, it will work.

The variable is only exposed in the workflows. This is the pre-built Tabs element.

Hello @buildnocode ,

I am having the same issue, did you find a solution for this ?


Unfortunately not. The only hacky way I could find was by duplicating the page / tabs element and then deleting the content and copy pasting to re-order. I hope they add the ability to reorder similar to the dynamic table element.

Hey @Alexis do you know if there is a solution for this ?