Return a different format for Date Picker

Hello, I’m trying to have my form with a date picker element create a record in airtable. I was able to isolate the 422 status code to the date field. I realize that when selecting a date with date picker it’s formatted and returned in the following format. That throws the 422 status code when entering it into airtable date field however. I manually added something in the format of “mm/dd/yyyy” or “aug 19 2022” and those both worked.

So I figure we need to adjust the date picker returned value to match an input that Airtable will take, but on the date picker it only allows us to change the visualization format. And I was looking for formulas to edit it, but I couldn’t find a text formula that would be like excel where I can do Mid(date, 3, 10) to extract the middle of the text.

I’m a little lost because I see some examples where the date picker works fine in a form.

Edit: I found a text function “Subtext()” and was able to use that. But it doesn’t feel like this was an intuitive answer to the form submission problem to airtable fields.

Edit #2: I also realized if nothing is selected in the date picker (i.e. empty or “”) the 422 error will be thrown again. So I had to make another formula to return null if it was empty in order for airtable to take it. Not the cleanest integration.

Go to plugin > extensions and add the “date” plugin. You then have new formulas for calculations and formatting with dates.


Thanks! I forget to look through the extensions sometimes.

I also figured out the “date picker” element returns that date + time value, but if you use the input date field in the UI kit, it returns an acceptable value for airtable.