Date element not rendering date from Airtable accurately

Hello WeWeb team,

I’m trying to automatically fill in a “date of birth” field in my WeWeb app with data from Airtable. However, I’ve noticed that for users in the US and Canada, the date is off by one day when the initial value of the date element is changed to the date from Airtable, as shown in the image below.

Can you please help me fix this issue?

Hi @bidemi,
this is due to the fact that the current datetime picker is not letting you choose your timezone.
We are replacing this element with a new library and more options, its currently under testing on our side and will be dropped soon :slight_smile:


Thanks @aurelie for getting back to me.

I have another issue to report. When I disable a file upload field, users are still able to click the upload button and choose a file. I do not want users to be able to interact with the button when the field is disabled.

Hi, can you create a separate topic for this one? It helps us being organizing to go back to you and also is better for searching.

I have reported this bug to our product team.

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It seemed like you tried to disable the button, when you had to disable the whole image upload element, like so: