Really bad results in PageSpeed. Dynamic Page

Hello! I am concerned about SEO results due to the PageSpeed score of the dynamic page on my site. Am I doing something wrong, or is it just challenging to achieve good speed with dynamic content?

Hi David, try to follow this tutorial TUTORIAL : How to optimize loading speed in WeWeb

(Amazing webapp btw)

Hi @david ,

Yes, you have not followed most of the PageSpeed practices while building your page. I can pinpoint only some issues you can fix, which can improve the speed.

1: Avoid large layout shifts.
Solution: Please add fixed height to the sections/divs/images on both mobile and desktop devices(you can refer mdn docs for more techniques to remove cls). It will improve your CLS score, and you can achieve it in Weweb. Your score is projected to go to 30+.

2: Largest contentful paint element

Solution: As I can see, the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) in your web app is some text. You have to divide that text into smaller parts or preload the banner image so that PageSpeed takes the image as LCP. You can preload that image using the Weweb Eager option, not the Lazy option, or you can use the header to add preloading and prefetching for that image.

3: Serve image in next-gen format

please use WEBP or AVIF format for your media/images - they are more optimized then png/jpeg and load faster.

Hope the above answer will help you to understand how you can improve it in weweb