Potential bug with pass through conditions on nested global workflows

I have a global workflow called redirect_logged_in_users in my app. The idea is that there are various places where I want to redirect users that are logged in and stop the entire workflow. See the screenshot below of this global workflow on my Login page.

The next screenshot is that redirect_logged_in_users workflow. If a user is logged in, redirect them and then I have a pass through condition that is always set to FALSE. The problem is that this pass through condition is only stopping that current workflow. the rest of the broader workflow (on the login page, in this case) is still executing.

Is this intended behavior or a bug? I would assume that a pass through condition that evaluates to FALSE in a global workflow that is within a broader workflow would stop the broader workflow as well.

thats the intented behavior, the pass through let you skip a series of actions, which finishes the workflow execution without errors. Then your main workflow continues to execute.

For your usecase, you can finish your workflow with a return which indicates if we need to continue or not.
Then on the workflow which call this one, you add a pass through condition or a if action based on this.

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