Workflow pass through condition issue?

I have a simple pass through condition that compares two integers. Whenever I include the id column though, the passthrough condition doesnt work, even if it evaluates too true.

The result of the comparison shows true. However, the pass through condition is not allowing the workflow to continue.

Is it a bug or what am I doing wrong?

Update: It appears that anytime I include anything from the current item, the pass through gate fails no matter what.

update 2: it’s actually anytime that I am using any items from the current item in a collection in a comparison. It never works, even if I’m in an action.

I changed the collection, to see if that made any difference. It kind of did. But, now when I run the workflow versus run a single action, there is an issue.

Thanks so much for this @kevinwasie!

It is indeed a bug. The team think they can fix it quickly. I’ll let you know as soon as the fix is in production.

It’s fixed!