Popup not available in the element navigator

I’m not able to figure out how to see/edit the element hierarchy for a templated popup (add element > basic > open popup).

Am I missing something or is it not available? Makes building the display logic for conditional forms and proper layout quite difficult

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You can edit the popup once its open.

So, add the element to your layout, then go to the live preview and click the button.

Now, go back into edit mode and your popup will stay open and you can edit it.

I prefer to use the modals (🎈 New Images, Popups & Toasts) since its all customizable and I can control the open/close and display/hide properties a little easier.


Yep that’s what I’ve been doing so far,

The difficulty is that without the element being in the hierarchy navigator - it’s more difficult to organize the layout and deal with conditional display on children elements (if you accidentally make display = false, it’s irreversible since you can’t select the element anymore)

I may have to setup a modal instead to make this manageable - just slightly bit more work

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The modal also have a forced display option to help you edit it :slight_smile:

Hi. So is there no way to display the popup element in the Navigator? Much, much easier to handle elements there.

Hi @fellowshipdevs :wave:

No, the popup element is a legacy element we don’t recommend using. We will develop a new one with better UX but, in the meantime, we recommend using the modals or toast templates:

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