What happened to all of the pre-built elements?

I really loved the heroes, navigations, etc - now I see they are all just gone. Can you please bring these back? They were incredibly useful…

Hi @patopt , we just changed the menu to make it clearer.
All is still here, under the + button, inside the Elements and Ui Kit tabs, with brand new illustration and name
You can use the searchbar to find the navigation :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m hitting a bug then? I’m not seeing much of anything from before. In fact the UI kit is completely empty.

Hi @patopt, We are releasing many new ready-made elements. We added the first ones I think just after your message. Is it fixed for you?

If you don’t find what you wish, could you please tell us what you need? :slight_smile:

Thanks Flo. I am now seeing some elements in there, so that’s good. There were some other elements you had before, more for helping with site design, that I thought were really good. It would be great to get those back in as well.

Flo - Do you think you could guys could please bring back the pop-up element that appeared from the right side of the page, as well as the profile element? I was using the right side popup in my project, but now it’s gone :frowning:

@patopt The popup to use would be the Modal under the UI Kit.

Ah got it, thanks Kevin.