Modif options when select

Hey team :slight_smile:


When using the select element, it’s really nice to bind it to the label / values of the options.
BUT, you know what would be great? To be able to use a formula to modify the value or label.

Let say my collection is a list [‘element-one’, ‘element-two’] how great would it be to replace the dash with a space and capitalise the whole thing to be human readable in the label? Well, let me tell you: that would be awesome.

Have a nice Friday you all.



Hey @Matthieu I agree 100% and its already on the roadmap, it will be in QA soon, I will update you when its released! :slight_smile:
It should be available for every components implementing these type of binding/mapping (data-grid, kanban, rich-text mentions, select, multi-select, gmap markers, …)


Great news. Thanks @Alexis