Issue with XANO Token based authentication

With token based auth, we need to fill in the User endpoint* input. The problem is we have no way to distinguish between xano’s test and live environment.

what happened to me was, on my workflow after storing token the next step would be call the “fetch user” action. but this fetch user action always point to my “live” environment.

i need the “fetch user” action to differentiate live and test. what am i missing ?

thank you

Hi, you should be able to select a different data source or branching depending of the environment in the plugin configuration, it doesn’t work like expected in your case ?

I mean, you can write “test” in the Data Source step from the Xano Auth AND Xano plugin for the editor environment for exemple

we have to use “Fetch user” action to make sure user isAuthenticated right ? that action does not have any option to switch environment

The environment is defined at the plugin level

Are you using Xano Auth or Token Based Auth plugin ?

Im using token based auth alex.

Why ? Do you know we have a set token action on the xano plugin ? So you can set it manually if needed, it would be better than using the token based auth I think :thinking:

yes, i switched to xano native plugin : )

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