Is there a basic List item component in WeWeb?


Is there a basic List item component in WeWeb? I cannot find one currently. Just need something simple that outputs the standard UL/LI etc…


The rich text editor will work for this

Thanks Joyce

Cannot see where you could choose the relevant Tag from the dropdown though?

p will work

You just need to use markdown. So the star for an unordered list.

what are you trying to do? do you have a list in a rich text field in Airtable for example or do you want to write the text in WeWeb directly or do you have a list of items in your backend that you want to display as a list in WeWeb?

I’m just wanting to manually add a list of features with a custom SVG icon on each list item :+1:

Just the following basically…

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This is how I would do it:

  • one flexbox with vertical display that contains
  • five divs that each contain
  • one icon element and one text element
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I’ll try that :+1:

Would be cool having a UL/LI option in the future for code semantics right? :wink:


Great idea! I’ll add this to the roadmap :wink: