Is it possible to use the new nuxt modules in custom components?

Hello ! I would like to know if it would be possible to import nuxt modules like components for example ?
Seem that it just need to be done well but also noticed the use of Tailwind that is something Weweb doesn’t propose ?

nuxt is a fullstack solution. We do not use nuxt internally, so we do not support nuxt module.
The only one we will support will be the ones 100% frontend, and not using any nuxt feature.

Tailwind is a css framework. It require a build step, which is something we are not supporting at the moment. You could use the CDN version, but it will probably be very big and not optimal (Tailwind generate an optimal css on build, if you want to use it without the build phase, you will have to include all possible classes it can generated)

How about building it externally and embedding the built code only, I’m not even sure whether that’s possible, but might be worth a try? The CDN indeed is not a great option, as it is very big.

Hello thanks for your answer !
Have you some recommendations on pure Vue.js librairy that are compatible to weweb ? Whearease for micro interactions or kind of storybook unstyled that are not dépendant to tailwind ( even if converting is possible ) ?

Hi @Zacharyb - I see you are mentioning Stroybook. Have you applied / linked it to a WeWeb project?

Nop imo I personally wait to see the next design system update of weweb ( I don’t have insider infos ) before taking this decision
But making component in figma and import them into weweb which would be perfect for users until the update seem the good choice
For now I just use QreamUi from figma, use the weweb plugin in figma, and apply the steam weweb classes upon it

Yes importing custom components
can make storybook templates easily and I will just I prioritize my agency client first