Howdy, I am Slavo, and I live two lives - in Houston, Texas

During the day, I run a small tech firm ( that builds cloud-native applications for clients in several industries. Most of our experience comes from the Finance, energy, and Media industries.

During the night, I work as a builder - I build apps using a no-code tech stack (MVPs, prototypes, internal tools, commercial websites, etc.). I started with Wordpress, then moved through many other tools - Webflow, retool, BILDR, AppGyver, Apsheets, Noloco, until I finally came across weweb. Weweb is the no-code revolution I have been looking for since forever. It is excellent in combination with AirTable, and it becomes a monster in combination with a highly scalable no-code backend like XANO.

Weweb is such a game-changer that I believe it will kick-start a no-code service industry that will go far beyond what the design community does with Webflow and the like today. We want to lead this trend in the USA.

I sleep on Saturdays. Hello everyone!!!


Music to my ears! :heart_eyes:

Super happy to have you here, Slavo! Can’t wait to see what you build with WeWeb :slight_smile:

That’s wonderful to read :heart:

Thank you @Slavo for the kind words!