How to create deeplinks with authentications

Like say, someone clicks on share button, and a link is copied. What this link does is, go to specific page directly without going through other pages. Now, what if that page is needed to be logged in, so my query is like, how we can share that link, so that when someone clicks on it, it need to check authentication and then redirect to specific page.
Alternatively question is, can we directly add authentication in website, so any link refering to website needs to be logged in.

Please help me in this.

Have you check the authentification plugin ? I am using weweb auth plugin but I also tryied auth0 plugin, both are able to manage authentification and redirection for unauthentificated user. Check the wiki for more info !

Hey @Bhupesh :wave:

You could have an on page load workflow checking if the user is redirected, else redirect to login page, and forward to another page using a querystring variable.

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