How to create 2 pages with the same URL root? E.g. /orders and /orders/1


I want to great an /orders page that lists orders and an /orders/1 page that shows the detail of order with Id = 1.
When I try and create the second page name it is unable to be added due to name clashing.

Please adivse.


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Hi @richardwhatever :wave:

I’m assuming the orders collection will be dynamic, correct?

In that case, you can’t create an /orders page and /orders/1 page for now. It’s something we want to make possible in the future but I don’t have a timeline for this yet.

You could, however, create an /orders page and an /orders/order?order=1 page using this method.

Does that help or not really? :confused:

Its helpful in that it clarifies things. Its not ideal in terms of being able to structure the app they way I want to, and I’m guessing it’ll also mean its not possible to use more SEO friendly slugs as part of the input to a database enquiry. E.g. /brands/nike to look up Nke in the database. Instead I’m forced to do /brands/brand?brand=nike. Not ideal.