A REQUEST: Making dynamic collection pages, with unique URLs!

Hi, I have a request to make.

I think weweb should allow dynamic pages to be created in the same method as making static collection pages, maybe allow us to make dynamic pages with unique URL, also please make the all the URL section bindable so we can make something like blog.com/author1/post1.

Also for example, is the amazon product detail pages dynamic or static? If static, whats the method for me to push the websites without webhook? Because I don’t want to create a copy if my workspace because that is a hassle for me. I don’t know if I create a copy of the workspace do I need to copy and paste everything in the original ones to publish?

Hi @khairul,

It’s not possible to do that, it’s in our roadmap and will arrive in the next month

For the moment, I suggest you to use the query, you can look this tutorial : 🏓 Dynamic Collection Item


Thank you, I will be waiting for that!

Hello, just confirming that this feature I see in the roadmap can be repurposed to unique pages for profiles. Kind of like a twitter profile page, or an amazon seller profile page.

"### Dynamic collection pages

Add the possibility to create a Collection Page with a fixed URL for items in Dynamic Collections"

As a follow up, is it possible or in Weweb’s future to make an RSS feed collection URL Dynamic?

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:+1: :+1: can’t wait for it!

I’m not from Weweb. I was trying to confirm I understood the feature correctly. But I hope it’s right, that would be awesome!

Hey @Mael I see you said last month, but I don’t see the feature in product updates. Any update you can provide?

Hi, oh sorry I meant in the coming months and not next month. It’s on our roadmap for the end of this year but I don’t have a date yet