How to centralize text in the Weweb rich text editor?

Hi, how do I centralize text in the Weweb rich text editor? That’s kinda important…

Also, I see that there’s an option for emojis & images too here (in this forum), could we add that as well?

The emojis / images are a good to have, but the centralization of text is v important for any rich text editor…

Hello @raelyn,

You should be able to click on your text element and adjust it using the following:

I mean the rich text editor element! I want my users to be able to centralize text.

Ah I see… Looks like that will need to be added!

Looking at the package on Github, it looks like ‘alignment’ is an option:

textAlign: {
        type: 'TextRadioGroup',
        options: {
            choices: [
                    value: 'left',
                    default: true,
                    title: { en: 'Left', fr: 'Gauche' },
                    icon: 'menu-alt-3',
                    value: 'center',
                    title: { en: 'Center', fr: 'Milieu' },
                    icon: 'text-middle',
                    value: 'right',
                    title: { en: 'Right', fr: 'Droite' },
                    icon: 'menu-alt-3',
                    value: 'justify',
                    title: { en: 'Justify', fr: 'Justifié' },
                    icon: 'menu',
        label: {
            en: 'Alignement',
            fr: 'Alignement',

Not sure why it is not being used? Could be a design choice or other issue. My guess is that the work to turn the vue component into a fully configurable WW component was a lot… and so some options were not implemented.

Maybe make a request here: Public Roadmap | WeWeb
I’d upvote it :slight_smile:

Is it possible to just pluck code into my webapp and have the alignment function be there? I am not a developer, so am not sure how this works.

Already submitted in the roadmap! It says the team will need to review it first before its published :slight_smile:

‘pluck’ no :wink: But if you chose to learn or have a developer in the future, they can use javascript (vue.js components) to build anything you want and use them in weWeb.

In this case, it looks like the plugin that weWeb is using for the rich editor, has the option to align text. Its just that when they implemented it in their application, a choice was made not to make it available to us (the end user)

That makes sense, as they want to add lots of components, they take work to convert into WeWeb components… so they make choices along the way.

So it is promising that the option is there… hopefully they can enable it for us in the near future.