How to underline for rich text editor?

I just realized that we can’t underline text for the rich text editor? :open_mouth:

Is that true or am I just missing something out? Thanks!

Mmm that’s weird. Had never noticed that either!

Let me check with the team if it’s a bug or missing feature.

Yes! Which is it? So I know where to submit it to hahaha. That’s a pretty essential feature for any rich text editor :[ haha

Haha yeah. It’s an oversight on our part. We forgot to add the button :sweat_smile:

The team is aware and will fix it asap!

Thanks! Can you get them to add the ability to centralize text while they are at it? That’s another one… :sweat_smile:

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Will do :slight_smile:

Hey @Joyce is there an ETA for this? :smiling_face:

It’s already available thanks to @aurelie :slight_smile:

FYI, your feedback and other user feedback prompted us to open a larger ticket to improve the rich text element so we hope to be able to release other improvements. No ETA on those because we need to take the time to qualify the needs and write the ticket before development work even starts.

Sweet, thanks @aurelie and @Joyce! What about the ability to align the text properly (eg centralize)? That’s very important / basic too.

Could we have that too without going through the long developmental cycle (like the underline haha) because I would say it’s more of a bug / missed out thing rather than a new feature haha

The only problem for align text is that the option does not exist at all at the moment (no right/left either) and i do not have the place to put them. We are just worried that adding buttons may break some design in production