How can I add multiple domains to 1 project in weWeb

Hi, I have one project in weWeb. and I want to host the same project on multiple domains
Is it possible to add multiple domains for single project @Joyce @Broberto or any webWeb plans which allows…

You can set redirects from your domains to the main domain. I’m not sure whether you can point more than one domain to your app for now in WeWeb, but you definitely can set redirections (on your domain registrar where you have parked the domains)

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Hi, Can we use self hosting to manage multiple domain with Logo and theme setting for each domain?

I think someone managed to do this with the help of @raydeck

Hi @raydeck, Please help me to explain required setting need to done for adding self hosting for multi-domain with theme and Logo setting for each domain

Hi, a couple of State Change members have exported their weweb apps to digital ocean to get greater control over their hosting, including managing multiple subdomains. Then you have your weweb code pay attention to the current domain to decide what to show (like the changing the logo). On the weweb side, this requires an annual plan to get access to code export. And then it takes a little elbow grease. Our members did most of the process and when they hit sticky parts they brought to our Office Hours. The sessions are all recorded for our members too.

Key considerations IIRC:

  1. Untangle yourself from plugins that use the weweb server. Like Xano authentication goes directly from the frontend to Xano, but the OpenAI plugin uses weweb middleware (the server) the secure your key. The issue is that setting up the weweb server is much more complicated than just working with your front-end code.
  2. Copy your exported code into a github repository to make it easy to load into the alternative hosting environment of your choosing (Including Digital Ocean). Almost all of them work most easily with Github, and then subsequent changes will be easy to push.
  3. Be patient. You about to enter the world of controlling your hosting. It’s a new domain of complexity, and while it’s not rocket science, it’s not designed to be friendly.