Hola! beautiful people, new builder 🏗️on the block, can't wait to get started

Carlos here, :es: based in :sun_with_face: Lisbon :portugal:, looking to build great things on your platform.

My background is mostly in product. However I started my career as a dev… and I really like Vue.js, super fun.

I see most of you are part of the Webweb team… that’s awesome, I’ll flood you with requests! :slight_smile:

Btw, doing a non-code bootcamp with Makerpad.co, so my goal is to build something valueable with no-code.

Not that active in twitter atm, however, I’d be tweeting about what I build with WW and my exp.

So far it feels you build the platform just for me :-), exactly what I was looking for… and I’ve looked at lot. Webflow, Softr, Buildr… you name it.

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Hi Carlos :wave:

Happy to have your here with us :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve heard good things about Makerpad’s no-code bootcamp. I’m sure you’ll be able to build something valuable!

Do you already have some ideas you’d like to explore with WeWeb?

Yep, the bootcamp is fun, very good ppl there, about ideas, I’ve got a few, but for now, I’ll just start playing with your job board approach and go from there.

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Sounds good!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything or simply to share what you’re working on with the rest of the community :slight_smile:

Just one thing for you to consider…

Webflow allows for two projects in their free tier. It helps a lot to build.

Why? what we normally do is:

  1. Create one project based on a template and just to keep it as a reference.

  2. Create another one, from scratch, the one you want to build, copying strategies from the template. It’s just cleaner, and faster than modifying directly the template.

To do this right now, I’d need to open two accounts, and keep them in separate browsers probably. Well, I could also upgrade :slight_smile:, but tbh, I don’t know if I’d be ready to publish next week, next month, or next Q.

This is probably not the right place for this. Anyways, feel free to ignore, I’ll keep going


That’s some really nice feedback. We plan on revamping the pricing by the end of the week, so we’ll keep your suggestion in mind!

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Hey team,

I’ve never got back to you on this. Thanks a lot, I see 2 projects now, that makes my building process wayyyy more easy.

Thanks for listening, keep pushing!