Hi, I'm Nasrif! I came across WeWeb while I was looking for a no-code solution!

Hi everyone.

My name is Nasrif and I’m a Product Designer based in Canada. I came across WeWeb while trying to find a no-code solution that will help bring my idea to life.

I want to build a web app that allows for booking of sessions with a link being automatically sent tot he user while having their own profiles that visitors can view. (quick summary).

I hope to build it with WeWeb! I like everything I’ve seen so far so here to learn more about it!


Hi Nasrif, welcome on board! Sounds like a really cool project.

Don’t hesitate to post on here if you need help with it :slight_smile:

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Thanks Joyce! I will have lots of questions so I will be sure to take you up on your offer.

Hey @Nasrif :wave:

Thrilled to see you here!

It seems indeed that your app is doable with WeWeb. Please ping us if you have any questions!

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Hi @Quentin - thank you! I’m finalizing the designs on figma and I’ll share them here to get some more advice!