Hi guys, I'm Alek, UX Designer and Nocoder from Italy

Hi Guys, here is Alek from Italy. No coder and ux designer. After Years as freelancer, from 3 years I work in a big company (we have several stores around country and several internal tool that I developed) in Italy in which I introduce a lot of nocode tools as Webflow, Airtable, Zapier, GlideApp and others …

and … what I can say ? I think that I will love so much weweb. Seems the tool I always dreamed. I have never got in love with Bubble.io because usually I hate drag and drop and I was afraid of limit of their database, but this … with the powerful of Maria Db … is another story!

Webflow, some years ago, changed my life in better, hope that also WeWeb will do the same <3

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Hi @Alek :wave:

Welcome on board the WeWeb train! We’re stoked you’re on this journey with us :grinning:

Thanks a lot for your kind words. It means a lot, especially since it sounds like you know your way around nocode tools already ! We love Webflow as well and hope WeWeb can positively impact your life in a similar way :slight_smile:

Are there specific projects you already know you’d like to build in WeWeb?