Help to implement a website using weweb

Hi Community,

I’m trying to implement my personal website.

It’s a line/string base design as you can see. Until now I have been able to implement most of what I wanted but I feel I’m not going in the right direction. A lot of things are pretty hacking in my opinion and as a result, the homogeneity doesn’t stay right when I zoom in/out for example.

Take a look here if you’d like for zoom in/out example:

I still want to use Weweb as the logic paradigm and database management is quite convenient for what I plan to do with this website (blogging, picture management, brainstorming, etc.)

As for now, I’m looking for a freelancer to help me implement this first page and 3 other ones, or a teacher who can explain how to do it.

All the design is backed on Figma,

Thank you very much.


Hey @lighthama :wave:

Sorry for the delay, the whole team was on holidays these last few weeks :sun_with_face:

I’ll check if it’s possible with one of our developers and come back to you.

We also work with some freelances and agencies, do you want me to arrange an intro?

Hey @lighthama

It seems a doable but hard to do design. Furthermore, what’s the behavior on mobile devices?

I would recommend asking a freelance to do it, as it would be very hard to do it yourself.