Does anyone use Figma before WeWeb?

Hi WeWeb-ers,

Out of curiosity, does anyone use a tool like Figma to create their designs before developing them in WeWeb?

To date, I’ve just done lofi mockups in Whimsical and directly developed that in WeWeb, but I’m curious if others do it differently.


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All customers working with Weweb studio are strongly encouraged to do so.
This is a practise we recommand :slight_smile:


Yep, and we’re preparing a new academy course to show you how we do it! :grinning:

We’ll take Figma as an example but the concepts will be transferrable to mockups made with other tools :slight_smile:



Maybe I’m biased because I’m a product designer, but I always try to define as much as possible the design and flows in Figma before jump to start building.

I think it’s a good practice work first on Figma because there’s a lot of things that you can solve in the design instead of start moving things randomly in Weweb.