Grouping radio buttons

Hi, this is probably really simple to do, but I haven’t found the way. How can we group multiple radio buttons together so when we select one of them, the previously selected one get unselected? In HTML, we simply add the same name to each radio input. I tried that in Weweb, and it’s not working.

Use radio button element from Elements → Form → Radio

It comes with multiple options as a default and then you can bind your options in the right panel

Oh, I get it thanks. I’ve used the radio button from the Elements and it’s working. For info, what I was previously doing is I was using the radio button form the Input & Controls section and there was no way to bind them together. I understand checkboxes could be added individually, but for the radio button, it shouldn’t be in the Input & Controls section if it’s not bindable.

The element in the ‘Input & Controls’ has been updated. Thanks for pointing it out.

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