Feature request: Copy/paste from the Navbar?

Hey there,

I wanted to see if that had been already discussed in the team, because I think it would be quite neat!
Are you guys planning to add the functionality to copy/paste/duplicate/cut elements from the Navbar itself in the Editor?

Right now, I have to unhide sections or elements or change variables so that the hidden element I want appears, then I can click on it in the iFrame to copy it. I can see it in the navbar. If the component is on “display = true” I can rearrange it in the navbar itself. But if it’s “display = false” I can’t do anything.

Obviously, I am sure it would have been a thing already if it was that easy to implement, but it is true that it can be quite tedious to always do the back and forth and navigate away, when I can see the element I want to copy right there on the left of my screen…

Many thanks!

If you select from the navbar, you can use the CTRL+C options. But due to a current technical limitation, if your component does not exist in the page you cannot edit the list of children (paste/cut).
We are aware of this limitation, and want to work on it, but this implies some internal changes.
If the component is only hidden by css (Display: hidden and not conditional display or inside a modal) this should work with shortcuts