Discord or Slack Community?

Would anyone be interested in creating/joining a Discord or Slack community to collaborate more with each other in real-time?


I would join, either platforms are ok. Prefer discord though as many of apps I’m using use that. @Joyce / @Quentin can make this happen?

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Love the idea, @patopt!

To be honest, we’ve considered both platforms before deciding a forum that is searchable would be the better option.

I have a few questions for you though because I’d love to explore this further and make sure you can all interact with each other more.

1- what features of Slack would you use that you don’t have here? for example, why are DMs not sufficient? is it because you would want to create topical channels and the current categories aren’t enough on here?

2- how about a weekly hangout in Zoom or Gather Town? It wouldn’t resolve the real-time issue but I’m thinking it could enable more interactions between users and between users and the WeWeb team. what do you think?

3- what about having a dedicated #weweb channel in an existing Slack community like No Code Founders for example? Would you find that helpful? Are there any existing communities you would suggest we collaborate with?

Would love to know everyone’s thoughts on this!

Thanks again for bringing up the subject @patopt :raised_hands:

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I think a chat channel would be great for real time comms! Either platform works great, although Slack is super expensive, Discord would be great for some real time comms a forum doesn’t quite fit with.

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For forum or finding answers, I think here(Discourse) is best. Discord and slack for me is very messy and I can’t find anything there. What @patopt is looking for is some real-time chat platform where users can chat and connect, something extra than this forum.

Honestly there are several use cases for real-time chat, connecting, weweb informing us new updates, get feedbacks directly, real-time from users(you don’t want to be like figma where they give feedback as a forum posting such as this Everyone Switch to Sketch - General Discussion - Figma Community Forum ).

Hearing feedbacks directly is really important, I think you guys know that, quantitative vs qualitative data etc… Maybe you should consider it.