Hi, I'm Sophie 👋🏼 a founder based in Amsterdam building a community platform

Hello, folks!

It’s great to be here. I am SO excited at the potential of WeWeb!

I have been developing a community for people who feel different to connect and learn about relationships in a safe space. It’s called LVRSNFRNDS “lovers and friends”.

Q1 2022 I want to release a product to serve my community better and I am pretty sure WeWeb could be the enabler of this magic. I want to build an app where users connect through chats—like WhatsApp groups. Feel free to reach out about it!

On the personal side, I’m French Moroccan, a dog parent to Ygor (the cutest mini bull terrier ever) and I have a thing for super cheesy rom coms, rap music, and fashion (but not as in “fashionista”).


Hi Sophie! Welcome on board!

Let us know if there’s anything we can help you with :grinning:

Thanks! I would love some tutorials to build a social network with weweb.

Hi Sophie,

What would you need in your social network?

If you need like buttons, favorite posts, users updating their profiles, that would be doable in WeWeb fairly easily.

However, if you need instant chat, we wouldn’t be the best tool for you.

Primarily, I would like a social network where users post text—pretty much like Twitter. Then I would like users to have the possibility to add a chat to those posts to discuss them. This is pretty much like a comment section but as close as possible as a good group chat.

What about adding components for the instant chat aspect?

Got it!

That’s not on our roadmap at the moment but feel free to create a feature request here.

Hey @sophspages :wave:

So cool to see another dog lover here!

Here’s a picture of my dog, Sayona, trying to speak in my mic during a meeting :laughing:

Hello Sophie!

Chat is a notoriously tricky thing to implement well which is the reason why there aren’t that many great solutions out there. Would any of the existing discussion/commenting systems serve your use case? If yes, you can easily integrate those with your weweb app. One that I can highly recommend is https://commento.io/ - but there are others available too.