Developing Weweb: VueJs Performance optimization on a large webapp

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@aurelie will be giving a talk at the VueJS Amsterdam conference on Thursday 9th February at 12:10pm CET / 6:10am EST.

The topic: Developing Weweb: VueJs Performance optimization on a large webapp.

You can watch her live online for free. All you have to do is register here.


I watched live! So nice. Aurelie’s presentation was very insightful till I’m not so familiar with VueJs.


Same here. Not very familiar with JS or VueJS but learned a couple of things nonetheless! :grinning:

They have some nice conferences on the program. Really enjoyed the one about Google Lighthouse right before Aurélie’s talk as well.

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Hi @Joyce, do you know if there is or will be a recording for this by chance?

Hey @caffeinatedwes, there should be yes, but I noticed on the VueJS Amsterdam YouTube channel that the videos of the 2022 event were put only about 9 months after the event so we might have to be patient :confused:

Just spoke to @aurelie… if there’s enough interest, she might just do a live stream on the WeWeb Twitch to share the content with the community :wink:


Oh! Haha. Thanks for the update and setting expectations.