How to develop custom components for Weweb

Hello :wave:

On Friday, October 14th at 9am EDT / 3pm CET, @aurelie and @Quentin will stream live on Twitch and YouTube for an hour or more, depending on how many questions you have and how much you want to see :slight_smile:

They will show you:

  • where to access Weweb components in Github,
  • how to create a basic component using our Vue.js wrapper, and
  • what dev environment you need and how to develop your component locally.

If they have time, they’ll show you how to import the component into your WeWeb workspace. If not, I’ll record a short video after the live session! :slight_smile:

If you subscribe to either channel, you will receive a notification when we go live.

Or you can send the event to your calendar:

See you then!