Datepicker bug: Editor vs Deployed

Anyone else run into the issue where the datepicker goes wonky when deployed, but otherwise works fine in the editor?

Hi, thanks for your feedback, we fixed it this morning ! You have to publish your app again.

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This issue is now back.

Hey, we’ll fix this asap

Hey, you’re using the old datepicker, which is deprecated. Please switch to the new one in the UI kit :slight_smile:

When was this deprecated and why is it not marked as deprecated in the Editor (Same way how image element was marked as deprecated)?

I hope you understand that this isn’t a hobby project. I had a customer churn because of this - that’s lost money.

If WeWeb wants serious businesses built on top of your platform, production should not break if no changes have been made on the editor.

Are there any other deprecated components / elements that your customers should be aware of? Where and how are you making announcements related to this?

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Hey @felixtanhm, did you ever get a response to this?

Hey @caffeinatedwes , I did not.

This isn’t the only known instance of WeWeb doing modifications on production elements. I’ve had my in-app tooltips (made using the popup elements in WeWeb) break before as well.

When @dorilama went to their repository on Github, we realised that they made code changes that were deployed to production, which were responsible for breaking the tooltips.

We got it fixed by implementing custom code, but fundamentally, this is clearly an issue on WeWeb’s development process. I don’t understand how can code changes be deployed to production without testing.

Hi, we apologize for the inconvenience you experienced.

The last months we invested a lot in our development and QA process to improve the quality and stability of our releases.

We also published the ticketing app allowing everyone to submit and follow the status of their bugs. Every bug impacting your production website is handled in priority.

We are also working on a better way to inform about component and formulas depreciation.

Be aware component updates never impact your site in production, if a regression happen it could be introduced only if you publish your site again. So you can go back to a previous version while we are fixing the bug.

For the datepicker, the depreciation flag was missing. It was a mistake.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and understand the severity of the issue. We will continue to put more effort in improving our process and the quality of our releases.


Thank you for providing context.

We experienced the tool tip issue too! It’s finally now resolved.

That’s great to hear Alexis! Thanks for being welcoming of the feedback.