Creating Custom Subdomain

Hi, is it possible to create a custom subdomain with weweb? For example, I want every users to have a custom subdomain for example,, and so on. Is it possible and how can I do it?

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Hi @khairul :wave:

No, we currently can set only one subdomain per project.

It’s a super interesting use case though! May I ask what you would like to build?

I am trying to build an alternative version of shopify, something with a little different approach, if I can make a subdomain for every user/shop that would be great

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Sounds cool!

Just shared your use case with our product team so they have it in mind :slight_smile:

Is it still the case that you can only publish to one subdomain? Also, what is the process for splitting the app such that some pages go to the domain and others are only applicable to the subdomain?

Yes. There’s definitely no way to publish pages from the same project to different domains at the moment.

To publish the same project on multiple domains, you can’t do it in WeWeb but @jaredgibb shared this resource in a different thread and seemed happy with it!

It’s not affiliated to us and we haven’t tried it so can’t promise anything but perhaps worth a try :slight_smile: