Coda API for form submission?

Hi There! I am trying to take submissions from a form on my first page in weweb app and send it to a table in coda. I am not coming up with any success and would love to hear from anyone that knows how to connect to the coda rest api. These are the docs that I can’t quite figure out: Coda API (v1) Reference Documentation

I am trying to just send four fields to a table in my coda docs: First name, last name, email, and message. Can anyone help figure this out with me?

In WeWeb, you can add the REST API plugin:

Then use this in a workflow to call an external API:

Everything else is a matter of sending stuff in a way that Coda expects. I haven’t personally used the Coda API so I can’t help on that front.

You’d still have to be more specific with regards to the issues you’re facing, where’s your current roadblock. If it’s Coda specific, their forum would be a better place to get help. But I/we can certainly try to help here as well :slight_smile: