Trying to upload form fields to Xano. Have a problem :(


So I’ve followed the ‘Build a job board’ tutorial on YouTube to the letter (or should that be word) :wink:

This is using the image upload feature. The image/url thing works great with the URL ref to the WeWeb CDN displayed in a text field in Xano (as it should).

The issue seems to be that the ‘title’, ‘description’ fields data doesn’t reflect the text I entered? It seems to be referencing older values, and this happens every time I submit a form?

It seems like you are binding to data from a collection instead of the input field filled out by the user in the form. So you’re always sending the same information instead of sending the value of a variable.

Does that make sense?

If not, the table in step 6 of this tutorial might :slight_smile:

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Oh wow! What a fool I am :grimacing:

Thanks :+1:

Haha we’ve all been there! :grin:

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