Clarification on "Auto update linked collections" Feature in Supabase

Hi everyone,

I’m seeking to understand the “Auto update linked collections” feature in Supabase more clearly. Specifically, I’d like to know what qualifies as a “linked collection”. Is it correct to assume that this refers to any collection (table) that has a foreign key relationship with the table currently being updated?

To provide a bit more context, I have a database setup where a “subload” table entry, which includes a charge field that is being updated. This “subload” is linked to a “load” table that contains a total charge field. My question is: when I update an entry in the “subload” table, should I expect the “load” table to be ‘fetched’ again automatically?

Any insights or explanations about how this feature works would be greatly appreciated!

Basing my assumption only from what they say in the explainer,

It will use the returned data to update the collection without performing another request. Always true when realtime is enabled on the table but it will use data received from supabase events instead.

This just updates the collections that are with that table (that you updated), by appending the record or whatever you do with it. It would be cool if it fetched the other related tables too, I think @Alexis mentioned it is planned, but they’re waiting for Xano to roll their realtime stuff out.

Also an edit: It’s how realtime now works, or at least how it used to work with SDK v1, the records were appended to the realtime table. I haven’t yet played with the new realtime.