Can I use a 3rd party grid tool in my weweb solution?

I’m planning to show one of my clients the work I’ve been doing with WeWeb + Xano, to show them the incredible advances in no-code tools (and two outstanding editor user experiences :grinning: ) The client’s current SAAS uses a grid tool called Infragistics. Does anyone know if it’s possible to utilize a 3rd party grid tool in Weweb?

Yes its possible, but it will require the development of a custom weweb component implementing the external library.

Its a 100% supported feature, provided to every customers with a Business workspace plan.

Our own components are open source and can be used to learn how to do it. You also have access to a dedicated documentation.

We will produce more streaming sessions similar to this one to teach our users how to do it so stay tuned :slight_smile:

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