Anyone else experiencing slowness with the Editor?

I can’t tell if it’s my internet or the editor, but the editor has been glitchy and slow for me today. Other apps/sites seem to be working fine, so it does make me suspicious that it is the editor.

Here’s a Loom to demonstrate what I mean:

It’s been fine for me today all day. (from UK)

Thanks for your response, @Edward. Interestingly, this isn’t a problem in a different project I have, which is based on Airtable.

Perhaps this is related to the Xano plugin fix somehow? @weweb-team

Hi @kyanaloe :wave:

It looks like there’s a performance issue on Xano’s side which is independent from our plugin:

I can’t explain why this worked, but I duplicated the page in weweb and deleted the original, and now things are back to normal. Strange!

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Oh dear! This is a mystery! :joy: Will share with the tech team. Perhaps they’ll know what might have happened there!

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