Editor and app really slow after adding 5th collection


Up to my 4th Xano collection, the editor and the app have been performing really well. After adding the 5th collection however, the performance has taken a drastic hit and editing has become really painful. The pages with the first four collections are performing fine, but the page with the 5th collection is extremely slow. Xano is only sending 50 items, with paging (tried removed pagination but didn’t make a difference).

Only other thing I thought it might be is the repeated collection has a form element in it (other pages don’t have the form element) - is this what could be slowing things down?

Is there anyway to “debug” and see what’s causing the issue?

Refer to the video.

Here’s another video that shows the performance issue better - watch what happens when I click on the unread link. The loader is Xano time - the rest of the rendering I don’t know what’s going on. I think it might be the form element in the repeat.

Oh my Chrome browser with editor page is crashes many times a day :grin: