Advanced SEO friendly filtering

Hello team,

I would like to ask if it is possible to build advanced SEO friendly filtering on homepage. I am currently using Xano as my backend.

What I need to achieve, is to filter listings by many attributes, but only few of them indexable, others would canonnical back to “higher priority” filters which have traffic. I would also need to add these parameters to slug of the filtered page (filtered page is homepage and I didnt find the option to add page params for homepage).

Can I achieve this in weweb? Are there any tutorials how to do it? This is crucial part of the project since it depends heavily on SEO.

Thanks in advance!!

I think you could do this with a column in Xano setting up if a tag is “higher” or “canonical”, then having a workflow that checks this value and redirect to the proper page.

Hey! Thanks, this might be valid solution to canonical problem, although I discussed with our SEO specialist that I can just store “useless params from SEO perspective” in local storage so this pretty much fixes the problem itself, thanks anyway, might be useful in the future!

Regarding the other question.

  1. How to set page parameters to homepage? I don’t really want to send the user to some /listing subpage when listings need to be filtered. Also, does weweb support changing slug values without page refresh? Not the best UX when refresh must be executed after every change of filters.

Can you please point me in the right direction?

You can filter on the page directly using frontend filters, but this is not as efficient SEO-wise. I would suggest sending to another page, as WeWeb doesn’t support dynamic slug changes (which is bad UX-wise).

Understand, in the end, we are going to create different landing pages and not index the filter at all (local storage or smth). Will see if its valid approach :smiley:

But still curious if it would be possible to handle more complex filtration such as this one inside the weweb. Basically what you are saying is that you cant dynamically change the slug but what about, for example, passing the uuid of smth when opening page, isnt that dynamic? Theoretically, would it be possible to buidl this with page refresh after every filtration? Then…it might be SEO friendly when used static collection. Wdyt?