Weweb + Xano dev

I have a website I want to build out using Weweb + Xano. I am looking for someone that has a good background using these two tools together. I am not looking for free help, but rather to pay someone to consult with me while I build it out.

Does your website require custom components or do weweb components cover your needs? I could help out but maybe not until next week.

My initial thoughts are that I do not need custom components, but I am still getting my feet wet with Weweb + Xano. The application has two main pages:

Listings Page - view all real estate auctions with filtering/advanced search tools. Ex: Listings - USA Homebids

Listing Details Page - details on individual real estate property (for sale or auction, perhaps two different pages?). Ex: 7549 Stearman Way, Citrus Heights, CA 95621 - USA Homebids

There is some advanced logic around bidding. I think most of the logic can be put in Xano, with just the display logic in Weweb. I was even looking at building an admin component using a separate tool like uibakery.

What is your comfort level with Xano + Weweb?