Advanced code permission only for Scala plan?

Hi , i was building the app while i saw that the feature i need is just on Scala’s plan.
This stops me.
I need protected pages and this ironically holds me in the Framework i was ready to leave for you.
I mean , i really like weweb but i can’t afford 249 for months …so i’m a little sad.
I can’t ask you to change i know but this way you lose a lot of users and little reality.
Its a sin while i understand that running a company such as weweb has its costs but let me tell you would be so great to have it , maybe just for 1 project , that way i will be more than happy to pay 79.

Maybe there is a way to have roles and permissions in another way in the starter plan but i suppose its there i won’t discover there, maybe using plugin? i understand , but if it is possible to help me out i will appreciate it , thanks.

Hello @lelemarea, unfortunately we do not provide discounts for the Scale plan.

Many of our users are paying this price because they get value and save a lot of money using our product. Like you pointed out, this price positioning enables us to finance our operations and growth. Without it, we couldn’t run the company properly.

I really appreciate that you like our product, this makes us very proud when we hear customers wanting to use Weweb like you do.

We hope you will understand.

Many thanks!

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If you’re using a separate backend, you could always have permissions baked into the user record of the backend, and on page load, navigate the user away from the page if the permission requirements are not met.

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For example i could use Pocketbase?This by means of Api i suppose

Well, I don’t know what tool Pocketbase is, but I have a table of Permissions, which every User has a list of Permissions.

So, for example, if they don’t have the “Billing” Permission, and they somehow accessed the Billing page, they’d be kicked back to the homepage. They would also not be able to see the Billing page in the navigation in the first place.

Well pocketbase is incredible, is like Firebase but its free and you can install where you want

Could you be so gentle to show us how?Maybe i’m asking too much ,so just in case, i do apologize

I have a User Variable, with permissions.


And a workflow like this on page load.

Edit: The true false is mixed up, its the other way around - but hopefully you get the idea :slight_smile:

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Great, is this in scala plan ?By the way thanks , i hope its doable also on Starter but i’m not sure, thanks for the fast answer , i do appreciate a lot

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