Accessing nested object to filter Collections


I’m looking to filter a Collection (Plaid transaction data). I have a category array that is nested in the a Properties object, returned by the Plaid API to my Xano DB. Here’s what the data structure looks like in WeWeb:


For some reason, I’m unable to access the Category array to apply a filter (see below). Any idea how to work around this, or if this is functioning as intended? Goal is to filter transactions based on category.

It’s currently not possible at the collection level, but we’re working on this.

You could use a frontend filter though, or try to create an endpoint on your backend that would return the filtered list only.

Hi folks, any update on the nested filters functionality? I am also running into this with my app, whereby i need to do a dynamic filter based on the users selections.

My schema is similar to Amos’ above. I have “Locations”, and each location can have multiple “programs”. Programs are the nested object on my collection. My users filter on variables on both the locations data (city, location name) and program data (type, price etc.)

i am unable to filter on the nested program data.

Question 1: any sense of when this would be expected?
Question 2: if not shipping imminently, what are other front end (weweb) or backend (im using xano in this case) workarounds?

Thank you! greatly appreciate any guidance from the community here