Xano - Request failed with status code 404

Hi, my name is Quim and I’m working on the Job Board building tutorial with Xano. I already did the first collection through Xano without any problem but now I’m doing the second one with “saved jobs” , Min 27 of the tutorial “Build a job board with Xano (backend) and WeWeb (frontend) – PART 1”

I have to show only the “Saved Jobs” but when I connect through the POST API it shows me this error. I don’t know where I am wrong but the values that it shows me of the saved jobs - ID’s 3,4,1 - are the ones that I have marked in the home, so it seems that it is the indicated field but I can be wrong.

Request failed with status code 404

stack: "Error: Request failed with status code 404 at e.exports
message: “Request failed with status code 404”
isAxiosError: true
toJSON: function(){return{message:this.message,name:this.name,description:this.description,number:this.number,fileName:this.fileName,lineNumber:this.lineNumber,columnNumber:this.columnNumber,stack:this.stack,config:this.config,code:this.code,status:this.response&&this.response.status?this.response.status:null}}

Thanks in advance to everyone ( I tried to be clear in the prob definition :slight_smile: