Xano Auth Setup - Role Key?

Hi. I want to confirm that I’ve set up the Xano Autho correctly. I am unsure about step number 3 where we are supposed to add the role key. I didn’t see this step in the documentation. Here is what I have.


That looks good. Do you have a field in your user table called role, with a single text value indicating what their role is? If so, you’ve got that right.

Yes, I do. Thanks!

Actually. Here is what my role column settings LOOKED like below in Xano, so I have since gone in and changed the role column type from “enum” to “text” then modified the role values for each user appropriately. I wonder why “enum” is not suggested.

Enum would be fine as well I think. Not at computer to test but that’s just a string value that too should be fine.

@talentbender yes @kevinwasie is right. Enum is just a string value like text but just predefined so it should work fine.


Thanks, Michael