Xano Auth Plugin Not Working properly


I’ve created a signup form with 4 fields: the default 3 fields (name, password, and email), and an additional field named “subscription ID.” and also modify user table and added sub id as a new column, When I call the Xano auth signup in the workflow, it sends two requests: one for user signup and one for auth/me. However, my workflow stops after signup, and the auth/me endpoint keeps getting called, resulting in an “unauthorized” message. I don’t understand why auth/me is being called since I didn’t include it in my workflow. Can you help me resolve this?

I’ve watched several videos and tutorials, but none provide a clear explanation. do i have to create a new column role as well ? or i cant modify user table like i have added a new column sub id ?

Thank you

Hi @wewebdev86 :wave:

Can you share screenshots of how things are setup in your Xano and WeWeb projects?